Renovating in Stages (aka Best-Laid Plans)

You know how some things seem like a great idea at the time?

Here’s one great idea we had: get a jump start on renovating by ripping out our floors during March Break. It *seemed* like a great idea: I could take the kids to visit their grandparents, so they wouldn’t come home from school and have to dodge dust and nails at night. We’d have a nice visit and return in a week to find this stage of demolition complete.

Sure, we’d have to live with plywood subfloors for a bit. We’re waiting for building permits to remove walls before we can install new hardwood, but no big deal. It would be less than ideal in the short term, but it would mean less demo later, when everyone needed to physically be here.

But you know what they say about best-laid plans, right? We know renovations can be unpredictable, and we know older houses can have hidden problems. We expected all those things. What we didn’t expect was a worldwide pandemic and the closure of schools for at least an additional two weeks, and possibly much longer. When the floors came out, we effectively tore apart our house and covered everything we owned in dust, then returned knowing we would be living in the midst of the chaos all day, every day, for much longer.

As local services get pared back to the essentials, permit applications will inevitably face backlogs. Tradespeople, like everyone else, will undoubtedly feel the effects of this coronavirus, either themselves or within their own families. Even if we could move forward, we’re advised not to allow other people in our home for everyone’s health and safety. Our best-laid plans are slowing considerably, if not grinding to an indefinite halt.

In these unprecedented times, it is unbelievably selfish to complain about these things. So I won’t. We are beyond grateful to be home, whatever that looks like right now, and healthy. We can spend quality time with the kids, work from home, and dream our big dreams. We are far more fortunate than many, and determined to focus on those who mean the most.

Plywood floors? Not even on the radar. Not right now.

Stay safe, everyone!

Big love,

xo L.

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