I’ve been obsessed with homes for as long as I can remember.

As a kid I desperately wanted to be an interior designer, only to get talked out of it by a well-meaning (I assume) guidance counselor.   It’s funny how some things never change; another career and 20 years later, I find myself still unable to shake the bug.   

Fortunately, I married a guy with incredible building skills and the patience (most days) to indulge my passion for design.  Together, we’ve built and renovated a handful of homes and we’re about to embark on an extensive, to-the-studs renovation of a 1969 brick colonial.  This blog is where I share our journey and the tips, tricks, and inevitable lessons we learn along the way. It’s messy and sometimes sanity-testing, but – fingers crossed – the results will be worth it.

Through it all, we’re seeking the “good life:” a house that feels like a home, achieved through a creatively fulfilling process.   

Whatever your journey looks like, I wish the same for you!

xo Laura